FISH of SANCAP Launches Senior Needs Assessment

Beginning in early April, 3,000 households across Sanibel and Captiva will be receiving a request by mail from FISH of SanCap to complete a survey addressing an array of topics related to living on the islands as a household aged 55 or over. Funded by the Charitable Foundation of the Islands (CFI) and facilitated by Polco, the Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults (CASOA), is a national benchmark survey that will allow FISH and the islands to have a clearer understanding of the needs currently being met and gaps in services to the aging population of Sanibel and Captiva. The CASOA survey has been conducted in communities across the country and will also allow the islands to compare survey results to other communities.

“FISH is focused on the growth and development of our senior services and this is a huge step to gathering statistically significant data to guide our decision making in concert with the information we collect internally,” said Alicia Tighe Orgera, Executive Director, FISH. “We’re so grateful for not only the financial support but the fundamental interest CFI has in learning more about how our community can better serve our seniors,” Orgera added.

The households receiving the survey by mail have been chosen at random and will have the opportunity to complete and return a paper version of the survey or use a web-link to complete the survey online. Later in the process, the community as a whole will have the opportunity to participate in the survey online at an address that will be shared publicly in the coming weeks.

“Our hope is that we’ll receive significant participation to create a really meaningful set of data about our 55+ islanders,” said Orgera. “This is something we’re leading, but it will be information we will make publicly available so that stakeholders on Sanibel and Captiva can make informed decisions on issues or topics that they make relating to this demographic.”

For nearly 40 years FISH has been a “neighbors helping neighbors” organization as the islands only wrap-around service provider offering a wide range of human services.  FISH works through donations, and, with their professional staff, provides assistance to those that live, work or visit Sanibel and Captiva.  To learn more about the programs and services of FISH, please contact Alicia Tighe Orgera, Executive Director, at (239) 472-4775 or visit their website at