Sanibel School Students Help Others

In honor of FISH OF SANCAP’s 40th anniversary, students in grades 2 through 5 at the Sanibel School created works of art showing the importance of helping neighbors, friends and family.  Led by Sanibel Art Teacher Erica Sharp, students learned the importance of kindness and helping others.  Art students drew pictures and wrote a few sentences explaining how they’ve helped someone and how it made them feel.  Compelling descriptions of neighborly kindness from the student’s assignment include:

  • “We donated baby clothes because I outgrew them and it is good to make things go to use.” 
  • “One day I helped an elderly woman with groceries.”
  • “I was welcoming someone to the neighborhood and I felt really good about it.”
  • “I helped my friend when she fell when no one did. I was happy when I helped her.”
  • “I donated to the hungry.”
  • “I warned my neighbor that her cat was loose.”
  • “I helped my neighbor by giving him his mail.”

“We were amazed to receive over 90 wonderful drawings from Sanibel students, and proud to learn ways in which community children help their neighbors,” says Maggi Feiner, President  & CEO, FISH.  “It’s encouraging to know that the islands’ children are learning how acts of kindness can make a difference to someone, and that they are so eager to be a neighbors helping neighbors member of our community.” FISH has been assisting islanders since 1982 as a neighbors helping neighbors social service organization. Started as a group of volunteer residents, FISH has grown to offer over 30 services. Ranging from food programs to financial assistance with rent or medical bills; senior programs to prevent isolation and other supports for aging-in-place, FISH offers something for everyone and has been the cornerstone of social service on the islands for nearly half a century.  Anyone wishing to become involved with the FISH organization can contact Maria Espinoza, Assistant Executive Director at 239-472-4775 or visit their website at