Understanding Parkinson ’s Disease

FISH OF SANCAP, with Hope Parkinson Program, is offering an informational workshop about Parkinson’s Disease on Thurs., Apr. 28 beginning at 10:00a at the Sanibel Community House, 2173 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel and also as a virtual Zoom event. 

Guest speaker Lois Kellet, Hope Parkinson Program, will discuss signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and current treatments, that can benefit those with Parkinson’s and their care partners.  Parkinson’s disease, a progressive nervous system disorder, affects over 1 million Americans with 60,000 new cases per year.  Although there is still no cure, advances have been made in the study of the complexity of the disease, opening new approaches to treatments.

Lois Kellet, a retired RN who has had Parkinson’s for 14 years, enjoys teaching others about Parkinson’s, especially student nurses.  “Receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s is both alarming and depressing,” notes Kellet.  “The best ammunition against those feelings is learning everything you can about Parkinson’s disease and using a fighters approach to conquer it.  Knowledge is power.”  Lois has been a volunteer for the Hope Parkinson Program for 5 years, has participated in Michael J Fox research projects and videos, and regularly assists with support groups provided by the Hope Parkinson Foundation. To learn more about the Hope Parkinson Program, visit HopeParkinson.org

For additional information on the FISH organization and their programs and services, please contact Maria Espinoza, Executive Director at 239-472-4775 or visit their website at www.fishofsancap.org