Post Hurricane Ian Update

As many of you might imagine, and many are experiencing yourselves, the FISH Walk-In Center sustained water inundation due to storm surge from Hurricane Ian. This week was the first time staff was able to reach the building since the storm made landfall. We estimate between 5 and 6 feet of water was inside, destroying all contents and interior of the building.

While the state of the building is unsurprising given what we know occurred due to Ian, we felt it important to update our community of supporters because FISH was such an important place for so many. Since opening our doors, FISH prides itself on being an island hub for social services, volunteerism, and welcoming for our beloved community. Currently, we are in a temporary location in Fort Myers but in search of a longer-term solution until we can move back onto the island.

Rest assured that we are still working actively to assist islanders in recovering from the impacts of the storm and will rebuild to welcome our community once again. We have a long road to recovery, but FISH will be working side-by-side, neighbor-helping-neighbor, with you all as we have for over 40 years.

In gratitude,

Maggi Feiner, President & CEO

Maria Espinoza, Executive Director