F.I.S.H. Legacy Society
Help F.I.S.H. Continue its Mission for Years to Come through Planned Giving

What is planned giving?

“Planned giving” is simply a commitment, either revocable or irrevocable, to give to a Section 501(c)(3) charity, such as F.I.S.H. or its Foundation, as part of a donor’s overall financial or estate planning (as contrasted with typical annual donations).

Types of planned gifts:

  1. Bequests: Donations at death (through a Will or Trust) of cash, real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other intangible assets.

  2. Retirement Plans: Designation of F.I.S.H. as a beneficiary of a retirement account, such as an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension or profit sharing plan.

  3. Life Insurance: Designation of F.I.S.H. as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy (whole life or term).

  4. Charitable Remainder Trust: A trust, funded by cash or other assets, which provides the donor with a fixed annual payment (an annuity) for the remainder of the donor’s life, with any principal remaining at the donor’s death payable to F.I.S.H.

  5. Charitable Lead Trust: This is the reverse of a Charitable Remainder Trust. This provides F.I.S.H. with income for a period of years, with the remainder of the trust paid to family members of the Donor at the end of the set term.

  6. Retained Life Estate: Transfer of real estate, such as a residence or commercial property, to F.I.S.H., but with the donor retaining the use of the property for the remainder of the donor’s lifetime (e.g., the Woodring property).


With a planned gift, a Donor may:

  • Create an endowment to generate annual income that provides for the development and enhancement of designated F.I.S.H. programs and activities (e.g., Helping Hands or the Food Pantry).

  • Create an endowment to enhance F.I.S.H. staff development or subsidize the compensation for a specific position, similar to endowing a professorship at a university.

  • Name the F.I.S.H. Walk-In Center (or an office) for the donor or in honor/memory of a loved one or another person.


Have you already included F.I.S.H. in your estate plan? We would love to know so that we may appropriately recognize you as part of our F.I.S.H. Legacy Society. Please contact Maggi Feiner or Alicia Tighe at (239) 472-4775.

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