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Helping Neighbors: Youth Community Service Volunteers of F.I.S.H. OF SANCAP

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering are enormous to you, your family, and your community. At FISH, many youngsters help the organization fulfill their mission while receiving community service hours. “We feel it is important to get children involved in what we do,” says FISH Office & Volunteer Manager Lyn Kern. “Community involvement is one of the best ways to feel connected to your community. By the simple gesture of offering your skills and enthusiasm, you will positively impact other lives, as well as your own. Even helping out with the smallest tasks can make a real difference to the lives of people, and organizations in need. Here are just a few examples of how our youth community service volunteers assist and feel about FISH.”

Written by Carson Towle, while attending The Sanibel School, from his Why Am I a Humanitarian? essay. Carson assisted in the Food Pantry and Walk-In Center with various tasks:

“I started out volunteering at FISH when I was in 5th grade (year 2011), when I wasn’t required to do so. I wasn’t really sure what community service was all about at the time, and after 4 years at FISH, I think I can say I finally have a handle on things. My favorite job was helping out all the customers finding items and bringing them to their cars. I love interacting with them, and I didn’t learn what FISH was all about until I helped them. It feels great to volunteer for FISH because of the fact that I am a part of the behind-the-scenes action that ends up helping hundreds of people on Sanibel and Captiva. FISH has given me experiences that I will remember for a lifetime and I hope to continue with them in the future. I have been with them for 4 years now, and everyone there has become family to me. “

Written by David Wright, while attending Fort Myers High School and assisting FISH with equipment and other projects:

“As a Fort Myers High IB student I am required to accumulate 150 hours of community service before graduation. When it was time for me to begin gathering these hours the first organization I offered my services to F.I.S.H. They were my first choice because growing up on Sanibel one was constantly exposed to tales of good-deeds performed by F.I.S.H. Knowing F.I.S.H. was involved in activities such as feeding the underprivileged, and providing medical equipment to the elderly made my choice easy; who wouldn't want to be part of such a selfless and fundamentally righteous organization? The jobs I do for F.I.S.H. are rather simplistic–cleaning medical supplies, hanging-up posters, transporting equipment to and from different locations, etc.,–but nonetheless they are all jobs that must be done, and they are all jobs that I am more than happy to do for F.I.S.H. No matter how small the job, I know every act performed by F.I.S.H. and those who volunteer for F.I.S.H. makes Sanibel Island, my home, a better place.”

Written by Cameron Sadighi while attending Fort Myers High School and assisting FISH with the food pantry, equipment and other projects:

“I absolutely loved my experience at F.I.S.H. From the food pantry to moving equipment, the realization of how many people I was helping really drove me to volunteer. It didn't take that much of my time but even the smallest amount helped in the biggest ways to the community! Thank you for letting me volunteer at F.I.S.H. I'm so thankful for the experience and opportunity to help people in my community!”

Many other youth community service volunteers including sibling teams, family teams and individual students were unavailable for comment. These young volunteers helped F.I.S.H. with special projects, food pantry supplies pick up, sorting of fruits and vegetables from the Sanibel Farmer’s Market, and more. F.I.S.H. is grateful to have the assistance of our future leaders!

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