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Helping Neighbors: : Meals-By-F.I.S.H. food program

There are many on our islands who receive a daily, home-delivered meal from a F.I.S.H. volunteer. The Meals-By-FISH program incorporates delivery of a hot, nutritious meal per day, up to 5 days/week, including extras for the weekend. These home-delivered meals are for individuals desiring convenience or independent living, as well as for patients recuperating at home or managing a chronic illness. FISH realized a need and had the desire to help those recuperating after a hospital stay, those with chronic illnesses, and those who simply could no longer cook for themselves. The Meals-By-FISH program is a solution for everyone who wants access to healthy meals that are both convenient and easy to prepare. Provided through a partnership with Bailey’s General Store, the meals taste great and are easily reheated. FISH volunteers help to ensure each household has the right order, and delivers them right to their doors. Volunteers often spend a few extra moments socializing with meal recipients in an effort to combat loneliness and make new friends. Thanks to volunteers and partnerships with CAMEO of Lee County and Bailey’s, F.I.S.H. continues to be champions for our neighbors who require or request the Meals-By-FISH program. Those who qualify may receive meals at reduced or no cost.

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