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Helping Neighbors: Social Services

F.I.S.H. OF SANCAP ‘social services’ are services provided for the benefit of the community and activities aiming to promote the welfare of others. At FISH, there are many programs, services and workshops that do just that.

FISH social workers continuously help people deal with life’s challenges. They assist in managing the logistical, social and emotional aspects of health and wellness. They are assisting our island families with food insecurities by providing access to the food pantry, weekend backpack and other food related programs. They are making sure that people with illnesses, cancer or those that are disabled get the physical and emotional support they need to live healthier through home healthcare providers and various workshops. They are assisting our island seniors live with independence and dignity by helping seniors and their families face the challenges of growing older. That could mean providing direct counseling, dealing with special health care needs, or even something as basic as better nutrition – whatever it takes to keep seniors living well and as independently as possible. FISH’s Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Christine Swiersz, can provide one-on-one or group therapy to a wide variety of people – veterans, teenagers, soccer moms and seniors; anyone who needs our help.

From chronic illness to problem resolution, poor nutrition to the stress of unemployment, FISH helps people deal with a myriad of issues. Christine Swiersz, L.C.S.W. and Jessi Zeigler, M.S.W., FISH social workers, are trained to assist our island neighbors, and are passionate about making a difference in their lives. In thousands of ways, FISH helps people help themselves -- people of every age; from every background; in every corner of our community, FISH is for everyone. Wherever needed, FISH is here to help.


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F.I.S.H. is an equal opportunity provider

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