• Maggie Goldsmith

Helping Neighbors: Bailey’s General Store Lifeline Campaign Success!

Beginning in late September, customers had the option to add money, in $10 increments, to their grocery bill at checkout which then was credited to the FISH account. “The generosity of the community was overwhelming. We had great success with our customers. They are so open hearted, they want to give, and they want to help people in the community,” said Bailey’s Owners Mead and Richard Johnson. FISH was able to use the credits to purchase bulk groceries most needed for the food pantry at wholesale prices, helping FISH get more value for their donations.

“Our partnership with Bailey’s allowed us to request specific items needed in the pantry at the time of ordering. Bailey’s has been a great friend and neighbor to F.I.S.H. for many years. They offer abundant support in so many ways,” said Maggi Feiner, FISH President & CEO. “We are very grateful to Mead and Richard for coming up with this idea, to the Bailey’s store and staff for encouraging customers to donate, and to the community for their contributions to this campaign. Cashier Debbie Ousley, pictured below, was such a big supporter to the campaign. She, and all the employees of Bailey’s, was truly dedicated to the campaign and its purpose. With the support of the entire community and everyone at Bailey’s, FISH is able to make a difference in the lives of our island neighbors.”

L to R: Anna Benza, Mead Johnson, Debbie Ousley, Maggi Feiner, Richard Johnson and Dane Johnson as ‘Big Bag’


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