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Helping Neighbors: F.I.S.H. and Charitable Foundation of the Islands Work Together to Help Island Ne

F.I.S.H OF SANCAP has collaborated over the years with Charitable Foundation of the Islands (CFI) to help island neighbors through an array of programs, services and workshops. CFI provided a grant to FISH, which was used in their Helping Hands Program, for a one year grant cycle from May, 2015 through April, 2016. “CFI is a dedicated partner that helps us provide assistance beyond what the resources of FISH can provide alone. Our partnership is a vital link between FISH and those we serve,” says Maggi Feiner, President & CEO. “FISH is very grateful to have received this grant, as it is used to bridge the gap for many families on the islands.” Partnering with CFI has made a difference in the lives of our island neighbors, such as Eleanor:

Despite her age, Eleanor has continued to work in a retail store on Sanibel to supplement her social security income. She lost her employment this past May when business slowed down, and needed help to obtain food and emergency financial assistance to help her pay her rent. Through the CFI grant, FISH was able to help with rent payment and assist Eleanor find additional employment. Once her employment became steady, she learned how to analyze her monthly bills and to build a budget by attending the FISH Budgeting 101 Workshop. “Without this help, I would have fallen so far behind I fear I would never have been able to catch up. I’m sure I would have lost my apartment. Now that I have been working steadily and managing my income, I’m sure I will remain independent in my home.”

Without the strong, caring partnership between FISH and CFI, Eleanor may have lost her home and her independence. “Our partnership with CFI provides such necessary support to so many. During the 2015-2016 grant cycle, FISH was able to assist 36 individuals through the CFI grant. We cannot thank CFI enough for their support,” states Maggi Feiner.

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