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In Their Own Words -- Testimonials to the F.I.S.H. Youth Scholarship Program

If you did not help my mom pay I would not have so much fun with my class and the other class. I had so much fun because of you guy's thank you. I will tell you all the stuff. Well not all the stuff. The first place we went is to eat pizza and after that we went to fort Menendez were the Timucua's and the Spanish were located. Then we looked at this huge cross which means where Pedro Mendez first come on shore. Then we went to a trolley which showed us around. After that we went shopping then we went to the Fort witch was really fun. After that we went to the playground. Well thank you so much for helping pay for the rest for I can go on the trip you're the best! Thank you!

I did lots of cool things and if I did not get to go I would have had to spend the day with the 3rd graders so thank you. I did lots of cool things in St. Augustine like going to the old jail and stuff. When we went to the old jail I saw a lot of cool things and if I did not go I would have missed out on a lot of cool things. Even though the bus ride was really long and boring I had lots of fun. Did you know that pirates were the ones to attack St. Augustine everyone thought it was Spain or the Spanish but for some reason it was the pirates. Also pirates don't say ARRgh and they don't walk the plank. We also learned some jokes. Where did the pirate go for lunch? ARRgh- bs. It is funnier in person but you get it so as I was saying thank you for getting me to St. Augustine.

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