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Helping Neighbors: Partnership Helps F.I.S.H. Assist With Medical Emergencies

F.I.S.H. of SANCAP, through the Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church grant, is able to help people in crises situations for medical and dental needs. While some conditions may be somewhat predictable, others are not; that is where the SMAA grant truly makes a difference to our organization. Our clients, some needing surgery, others with months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments scheduled, pay a price much higher than the medical bills themselves. Many must temporarily leave their employment, leaving no income for everyday expenses. Insurance coverage will only go so far, and there are few resources for families that are struggling financially due to medical and dental crisis. Beyond medical bills, there may be medical travel, rent/mortgage/utilities and other daily living expense bills during their recovery period. It is comforting to know that, through the SMAA grant, F.I.S.H. is available to assist with these critical expenses associated with our client’s crisis and monitor their outcome through the process:

Jim is a 63-year-old male. He does not have health insurance, and suffers from a chronic health condition which causes his stomach to bloat and have uncontrollable abdominal pain if not treated with a medically prescribed diuretic and maintained by a prescription. By trade, Jim is a handyman, but unable to work because of his medical issues. Jim requested medical financial assistance for 1) doctor visit; 2) treatment plan; 3) prescriptions. FISH was able to assist with a reduced cost doctor visit, reduced cost medication, and reduced cost abdominal ultrasound. Jim lost 15 lbs. of water weight and was put on the medication that he needed. Due to the chronic nature of his illness, FISH was able to get Jim approved for Medicaid, and he has since returned to work.

All emergency financial assistance cases must meet qualification determined through a detailed intake process. Certain financial documentation must be provided to FISH before case approval. Each case is evaluated privately, on an individual and per instance basis. There is no guarantee of financial assistance from FISH. Please contact Christine or Jessi at the FISH WIC for more information: 239-472-4775.

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