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F.I.S.H. Supports Bailey's Bring Your Own Bag 'Go Green' Campaign

The F.I.S.H. OF SANCAP Food Pantry supports Bailey's Bring Your Own Bag campaign by giving food pantry clients reusable Bailey's Bags, courtesy of Bailey's General Store!

Bailey’s launches Go Green Campaign starting with a reusable bag incentive program. Bring your own bags and they will make a donation per bag to their nonprofit fund.

Sanibel, Florida Some european grocery stores charge their customers for using bags, but on Sanibel, Bailey’s is trying to do the opposite by PAYING your favorite nonprofits when you utilize your reusable bags at their stores. The ownership team at Bailey’s sees the importance of protecting our local natural resources and want to encourage environmentally-friendly behaviors through their new Bring Your Own Bag Incentive Program. For every bag that you bring in and use (yes, even your pre-loved Bailey’s brown bags), the company will donate to local nonprofits. It’s a win-win for consumers, business, and the community!

The hardest part about reusable bags is remembering to bring them back for the next time you buy groceries. Everyone has a method that works for them, but since Bailey’s can’t put your bags back in your car for you, they want to encourage you to remember them with their BYOB Incentive Program. When you visit their stores, each bag that you fill with groceries represents a donation they will make to local nonprofits. After your cashier finishes checking you out they will ring up the reusable bag code that will automatically trigger a transaction in the point-of-sales system. The first organizations that will benefit from this program are CHR, FISH, START, and Sanibel School; as time continues the options will shift to other deserving nonprofits.

Richard Johnson, general manager and part of the ownership team, is excited and looking forward to the program, “We are excited to move forward with the reusable bag incentive program and our guests at the store can look forward to many upcoming changes moving toward a greener Bailey’s.” The store has always given back to the people of Sanibel and Captiva and this is another way that they will be able to work with their neighbors to improve the community. Bailey’s is encouraged frequently by organizations advocating for the environment to change bag usage. The Go Green Campaign and the reusable bag incentive program moves toward the lofty goal of an environmentally-friendly grocery store.

This campaign wouldn’t be possible without the support of the community and specifically, START. Bailey’s is a member of Solutions To Avoid Red Tide and the organization works side by side with the store to promote environmentally-friendly practices on Sanibel. START and the store distributed canvas reusable bags twice so far in an effort to reduce the use of paper and plastic bags. The Go Green Campaign and the BYOB Incentive Program is a second step that complements the initiatives already in place. Soon to follow are changes that use one of our most available resources, the sun!

This program is part of a greater movement toward greening Bailey’s. In order for this program to work, we need YOU to come support local nonprofits and the Go Green Campaign by bringing your bags with you. Bailey’s is ready to carry on the tradition of taking good care of their guests by offering their new BYOB Incentive Program as well as continued future green business choices. For more information on the BYOB Incentive Program and their Go Green Campaign stop by the store, give them a call at 239-472-1516, or email them at baileysgeneral@baileys-sanibel.com.

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