• Maggie Goldsmith

Helping Neighbors: F.I.S.H. OF SANCAP Helps Woman Gain Confidence and Land a Job

When Susie entered the FISH Walk-In Center, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. She needed to find a job so she could support herself and continue with school, but was unsure as to where to start. Susie had never written a professional resume before, and was anxious about the interview process. “When I first came in [to FISH] I didn’t know what to expect,” said Susie. “They [FISH] made me feel like I was among friends. They remembered my name, and they remembered my story.”

At FISH, Susie worked with Agency Assistant Joi Dupler to help her with her job search and met, several times, with a qualified volunteer to help with interviewing skills and resume writing. “Feeling the energy at FISH, I was able to get into the rhythm of a workforce,” said Susie. “It gave me the confidence I needed.” With her confidence boosted and job search skills improved, Susie was able to secure a job as an Associate-In-Training with a regional financial group. Susie located the job by attending a job fair, brought to her attention by FISH’s referral program.

“Without the confidence I received from FISH and their volunteers, I would never have actually gone to an interview,” said Susie. “This new job will allow me to go back to school as early as next semester because the company is really flexible with scheduling and invests in their employee’s education. And I can make double what I currently do—so I can afford to pay my own tuition,” excitedly stated Susie. She says she wasn’t sure where she would be without the help she got, and she encourages others to use the programs offered by FISH.

“Go there with an open mind,” said Susie. “Sometimes what you need and what you want are two different things. It’s all about coming in with an open mind and being willing to hear new avenues that maybe you didn’t think of before.”

For additional information on FISH and it’s over 40 different programs and services, please visit their website, fishofsancap.org, or contact Jessi or Joi at 239-472-4775.


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