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Helping Neighbors: FISH and The City of Sanibel Employee Assistance Fund

F.I.S.H of Sanibel-Captiva, Inc. is a human services organization, focused for over thirty years on ‘neighbors helping neighbors’. The mission of F.I.S.H. is to lend a helping hand to those who live, work or visit here. The F.I.S.H. vision is to enrich the lives of everyone on Sanibel and Captiva Islands through an array of Food Programs, Island Based Workshops, Social Services and Helping Hands.

The City Employee Assistance Fund was established at FISH several years ago by the City of Sanibel for the purpose of assisting any city employee experiencing extraordinary medical or financial challenges. In the past the fund has assisted City employees at time of death in the family, when a home was destroyed by fire, when a spouse is out of work as a caregiver or uninsured medical expenses. Members of the community who choose to assist City employees during these circumstances may choose to donate to the dedicated fund.

In response to citizens who have requested how they could contribute to cover any uninsured expenses for the Ciccone Family at this time a dedicated line-item has been established within the existing City Employee Assistance Fund established at FISH. Senior Officer Jarred Ciccone is a nearly 10 year veteran of the Sanibel Police Department who was shot in the line of duty on November 20, 2016 while conducting a routine traffic stop on Periwinkle Way.

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