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Helping Neighbors: FISH Is Honored To Assist Our Island Youth

The bell has rung and busses lined up, indicating the end of another school day. But for several students at The Sanibel School the fun part of school is just about to begin. It’s the Youth After School Program, where students can complete assignments, work on friendships, and build self-esteem, in what is known as ‘the homework club’.

FISH OF SANCAP provides financial assistance to households for the After School Program, facilitated by The Sanibel School. Run four days per week, this program provides a safe, secure setting where students can work on homework, read a book, and get computer time, all under the supervision of school staff. It’s designed for boys and girls in grades K to 8 who require academic, social and emotional support. The program is offered before school (for middle schoolers) or after school (for elementary) for one hour, Mon. – Thurs., and follows the normal school calendar. During the 2016/2017 school year, FISH has assisted over 20 students attend many sessions of the program throughout the school year.

FISH, along with parents, evaluate students’ progress through review of report cards, progress reports and testimonials. This past quarter, three students enrolled in the After School Program made Honor Roll, some for the very first time! Says a parent, “I was shocked, literally shocked, when Lucas came home with an A in both

math and reading. It’s been a struggle with the homework; when he gets home he is too easily distracted to focus on his studies. Obviously this program is working! I’m just thrilled for him.”

Students at The Sanibel School were asked what they enjoyed about the program; some of their responses include: I love to read with my friends. I have a better understanding of math. I like to play on the computers. My grades are improving.

FISH financial assistance for the after school program helps families succeed in many ways. “With three kids, all who use the program, it can get expensive. I just don’t have that kind of extra money each month to contribute toward “extras” like this program. I am grateful FISH is able to provide assistance so our children can get the most out of their education,” states another parent.

"I feel fortunate as a school principal to have the support of F.I.S.H. for my students. The program allows my students the extra time they need to master skills in both reading and math. As the school’s newest principal I am highly impressed by the support of this awesome organization. Kids are at the core of their hearts and minds. It is evident in all that they do, " states The Sanibel School Principal Chuck Vilardi. “F.I.S.H. is very fortunate to have the support that we do to assist with this program, and it couldn’t be provided without the partnerships we have with The Sanibel-Captiva Rotary Club, Ronald McDonald House Charities, generous donors, and The Sanibel School” says Maggi Feiner, FISH President & CEO. “We are thankful for their support in helping our island youth reach their potential and proud of all students participating in the program.

For additional information on F.I.S.H. programming, Kathy Y. Monroe, M.S.G., Program Director at F.I.S.H., 239-472-4775


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