• Maggie Goldsmith

Helping Neighbors: FISH is a Labor of Love!

Douglas and I have always known about FISH, but never really understood about the many programs that this organization encompasses. We knew about the food pantry, and would donate any leftover food when we were leaving going north for the summer. It wasn't until a friend of ours told us about the backpack program that we started to realize just how many lives are touched each day by FISH. To think so many children would not have enough to eat for the weekend without this bag of nonperishable food was just beyond our comprehension.

Not only young people, but also older members of our community have better lives because of FISH. It has always made us both very sad to think about elderly people living alone and trying to be independent and maybe not hearing another human voice during any given day. So it did our hearts good to learn that FISH has a list of these elderly people that receive a call every day just to chat and let them know that someone cares and is willing to provide help if they need it.

The first fundraiser we attended was when we both realized just how many programs come under the umbrella of FISH. How this organization provides so much assistance with such minimal administration costs is amazing. It is truly a labor of love – ‘Neighbors helping Neighbors’!” Sherry and Doug Gentry, island residents.

To learn more about the programs and services of F.I.S.H., please contact Maggi Feiner, President & CEO, 239-472-4775


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F.I.S.H. is an equal opportunity provider

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