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Helping Neighbors:  College Bound at Age 9

Thanks to the F.I.S.H. OF SANCAP Youth Scholarship Program, Darren (DJ) Jenkins will be attending The Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) in Miami this July.

States DJ, “In kindergarten I was tested and accepted into the FL Intellectually Gifted Education program, and I have been attending MWA (gifted) classes at The Sanibel School for the last 3 years. I am now entering 4th grade, and I want to learn more about the great big world around me. I want to learn everything and go everywhere! I know I am really going to enjoy being away and staying in a dorm room, even though I have to do my own laundry. Lights out at 10:30 at night works for me!” “I wanted to find something to keep DJ educationally active over the summer, and came across SIG,” adds Maggie Goldsmith, DJ’s grandma who has raised him since his infant years. “I felt it [SIG] represented an exceptional opportunity for DJ to learn new ideas and skills. He applied and was accepted, and will reside with like-minded kids from all over the world at the University of Miami. This opportunity to participate in a learning environment with his peers will prove to be a meaningful experience that will further encourage him to learn. I cannot thank F.I.S.H. enough for their partial scholarship; I’m not sure I could have done this for DJ without their assistance.” DJ will be taking courses in computer coding and animation, debate and public speaking, genetics, astronomy and more. When asked what he wants to choose as a career path, DJ’s not quite sure. “I just want to be awesome . . . and I am interested in becoming a cardiac surgeon, an entertainment attorney, a medical scientist, an actor or a musical performer. Wherever I end up, I want to be best me I can be!” DJ is also a competitive swimmer with Team SWAT and hopes to go to the Olympics. He trains daily throughout the year and attends a three-week intensive technique program at FGCU’s residential Eagle Swim Camp each summer. He is also a talented musician (piano) and performer (voice). Other interests include soccer, basketball, skateboarding and video games.

“We are thrilled to help DJ attend this educational program. He’s a wonderful young man who has the world at his fingertips, and it’s an honor to help shape his future,” says Maggi Feiner, President & CEO of F.I.S.H. The F.I.S.H. OF SANCAP Youth Scholarship Program is designed to assist our young neighbors with educational opportunities such as in-school field trips and specialty camps like SIG, as well as local camp experiences during the summer months. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Kathy Y. Monroe, Program Director, at (239) 472-4775.

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