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Helping Neighbors: Strengthening Work Force Skills Through Adult Education

Many who enroll in continuing education programs make time to attend classes because they understand higher education provides a pathway to upward mobility and improving the future of themselves and their families. Through the FISH Adult Education Scholarship Program, FISH aims to assist adults who choose to pursue higher education opportunities and improve their careers.

The FISH Adult Education Scholarship Program assists with tuition, materials, and/or fees for educational purposes with the hope of increasing professional marketability, developing new skills, or attaining certifications necessary for career transitions or promotion. Kathy Y. Monroe, Program Director for FISH says, “Adult education can be a path toward higher earning potential and financial security. It can lend to stronger communities, putting adults on sustainable paths for success.”

“I meet with many individuals that are under-employed because they lack a certain degree or skillset. They feel ‘stuck’ in a job that will never advance them to where they want to be. As their case manager, I am happy to be able to offer assistance through this program,” states Nitza Lopez of FISH. “We have had many applicants graduate from various programs and move into a job they are passionate about and love doing.”

Based on need and eligibility, financial assistance may be offered as determined by FISH. Assistance is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and amounts vary depending upon financial status. Available funding is limited, and assistance may cover only a portion of the program cost. To learn more and to see if you qualify, please contact Kathy Y. Monroe or Nitza Lopez at 239-472-4775.

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