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Helping Neighbors: Medical Equipment for Loan

Complimentary medical equipment loans is one of the many services offered by F.I.S.H. Islanders and island visitors alike may borrow medical equipment temporarily, on a first come first serve basis.

Those needing medical equipment must call the FISH answering service, available 24-hours a day, at (239) 472-0404. An equipment volunteer will return your call, confirm your request, and arrange to meet at City Hall, where the FISH equipment check out room is located. In certain instances, a FISH volunteer may be able to deliver the requested equipment.

For many years the Sanibel Fire and Rescue District has graciously accepted and stored equipment returns, keeping them until FISH volunteers can clean and transfer to the City Hall pickup location. All equipment is to be returned only to the Sanibel Fire and Rescue District station located at 2351 Palm Ridge Road. No appointment is necessary to return equipment, however when returning equipment, please check in with the station office.

FISH medical equipment loans include: Wheelchairs and transport chairs (requires a person to push); walkers (non-wheeled, 4-legged with wheels, with wheels and seat, and 3-wheeled); canes (standard adjustable, 4-legged and 3-legged with a fold down seat); adjustable crutches; bath bench, bath transfer bench, shower chairs; commodes and elevated toilet seats (with and without arms).

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