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Helping Neighbors: Cooking for the Planet: Part III of III: ‘Cooking for Climate Change’

FISH is teaming up with the Rauschenberg Foundation, Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation (SCCF) and the Pavilion at Bailey Homestead in the final part of a three-part series focusing on food waste and sustainability. This presentation, Cooking for the Planet: Healthy, Cooking for Climate Change, will be held on Wednesday, March 4 at 5:30pm at the Pavilion at Bailey Homestead, 1300 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel.

Led by Chef-in-Residence Jackie Vitale, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and Ryan Orgera, CEO, SCCF, this presentation will be an informative lecture about climate change from the perspective of our food. Something as simple as what foods we buy and how we prepare them can have an impact on our environment, and participants will discover how small steps can make a significant change.

Chef Jackie Vitale will explore how our food system impacts the planet, from seed to supermarket, fridge to landfill. “Our energy and transportation industries get most of the attention when it comes to climate change, but the food system also plays a large role in our warming planet. We will learn about the historical and economic roots of our current industrial system and present possibilities for a brighter future. We will cover science, economics, history and politics, but the focus will be on positive and practical solutions we can all bring back to our own kitchens,” states Jackie Vitale.

The entire Cooking for the Planet series is to learn more about where our food comes from, the impacts to our planet, and how to prevent food waste. States Kathy Y. Monroe, Program Director, FISH, “We are privileged to have Chef-in-Residence Jackie Vitale share her climate change competence with the community. She is the co-founder of the FL Ferment Fest, the state’s annual fermentation festival. Before moving to Captiva, she ran an urban farm, restaurant and community space in her hometown of Stuart, FL. Sunshine+ Microbes is her weekly newsletter on food, fermentation and climate change. We hope everyone will join us to learn how we can make a difference cooking for the planet.”

For additional information on this presentation or the Cooking for the Planet series, please contact Kathy Y. Monroe or Anthony Morales at the FISH Walk-In-Center, 239-472-4775.

For more information on the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, visit https://www.rauschenbergfoundation.org/.

For more information on SCCF, visit http://www.sccf.org/

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