FISH Provides Updated Hurricane Preparedness Packet

With the start of hurricane season less than one month away, FISH OF SANCAP is providing the community with their updated Hurricane Preparedness Packet, available to anyone who needs it. Packets may be downloaded from the organization’s website,, on the Hurricane Resources or Social & Senior Services page, picked up at 2422 Periwinkle Way or mailed by request. FISH OF SANCAP is encouraging everyone to plan and prepare early for the hurricane season ahead.

Annually, FISH, the City of Sanibel, Lee County Emergency Management, and others work together to review changes for the upcoming hurricane season.  FISH compiles a Hurricane Preparedness Resource Packet providing detailed information on where to go, what to do, and how to prepare in the event of an approaching storm.

“The packet provides critical information and helpful steps to stay safe before, during and after a storm,” says Erika Broyles, Senior Services Director of FISH, who oversees the program.

FISH verifies hotels with generators, shelters, pet accommodations, and more to update the packet annually. While the official start of hurricane season is June 1, FISH’s resource packet is available now. “With the safety of our neighbors in mind, we want to make sure everyone has reliable information in case a storm approaches,” says Broyles.

FISH team members and volunteers work with vulnerable residents to review emergency evacuation plans. The volunteer Hurricane Committee stays connected before, during, and after storms and, to the extent possible, updates out of state family members on the status of the storm and loved ones. “As we learned with Ian, it is very important to have up-to-date contact information for family and friends in both electronic and paper form,” continues Broyles. “With Ian, power was out for an extended period, and the hard copy ‘in case of emergency’ contact sheets were crucial when trying to contact folks.” 

FISH volunteers can set up appointments with residents to discuss the packet and solidify plans for evacuation, in the event the islands are ordered to do so. If anyone is interested in becoming a member of the hurricane preparedness committee, please contact Erika Broyles.

FISH notes the importance of listening to authorities if an evacuation order is issued. “Experts know that the best way to stay safe during a hurricane event is to follow evacuation orders and get out of the path of the storm,” says Broyles. “With Ian, we learned how quickly conditions can change. You do not need to wait for the evacuation order to leave. It is best to have several routes and options that can keep you out of the storm’s path and share those plans with family and friends.”

To receive a free Hurricane Resource Packet, please contact FISH at 239-472-4775 or email Appointments may be arranged for those who would like a more detailed discussion on how to prepare for the hurricane season. FISH encourages all to begin shopping for hurricane season supplies before items become scarce. As a reminder, the 2024 Florida Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holidays according to the Florida Department of Revenue are June 1 – 14 and August 24 – September 6, 2024.