Island Based Education

Education is Key to Empowerment

At FISH it is a priority to empower people through education and connectedness.
We aim to provide educational opportunities at all levels of learning and in all forms.
We genuinely have something for everyone.


Our Adult Education Scholarship program encourages islanders to continue their education, seek additional job training or attain professional certifications in order to move forward in their careers or shift gears into a field they’re not currently in.


For our children and youth, we offer scholarships for afterschool care, summer camp and supplemental educational opportunities throughout the year. We strive to provide “extras” to all students in the form of safe and enriching programs outside of school.


We’re never too old or too smart to learn something new. Educational opportunities are offered for our entire community and include FISH’s monthly workshops on topics ranging from mental health, financial management and the aging process to hands-on classes like cooking and nutrition.