Joyous Easter thanks to FISH OF SANCAP and Community Partners

In preparation for the Easter holiday last week, FISH OF SANCAP assembled dinner baskets for families containing everything needed for a festive Easter dinner and children’s bunny baskets filled with books, candy, small toys, school supplies and more. This year, the organization distributed an astounding 200 Easter dinner baskets and 200 bunny baskets to neighbors. Basket recipients are those known to FISH through usage of other FISH programs such as the Food Pantry and Emergency Financial Assistance.  All baskets are assembled by FISH volunteers.

“The volunteers devoted to this program worked tirelessly to make sure everyone enjoyed the Easter holiday,” said Maria Espinoza, Executive Director, FISH.  “It’s incredible how this program has grown over the years and in particular since Hurricane Ian which we attribute to disaster related loss of income and unexpected repair expenses. For families served by FISH, under-employment and lost income from Ian are the main reasons struggles continue. Due to ongoing repair and rebuilding expenses, these individuals have become ‘house poor’. House poor, by definition, means individuals spend too much on housing expenses relative to income. As it relates to hurricane survivors, it means the cost of repairing or rebuilding homes leaves little money left for living expenses, paying bills, or savings, resulting in debt accumulation for the duration of their recovery.”

We’d like to thank Bank of the Islands for accepting food and candy donations and the Sanibel Community House, Sanibel & Captiva Island Assoc. of Realtors and many generous donors who contributed to the cause, making this a joyous holiday for all. “Our volunteers put a lot of time, energy and effort into making this a great day of celebration,” continues Espinoza. “Their dedication, down to the tiniest of details like creating beautifully decorated baskets, is second to none.”