Butterfly Project

FISH of SANCAP launched a Butterfly Project as part of their monthly Zoom Friendly Faces lunch.

Last month Friendly Faces guests had the pleasure of learning about Butterflies from the Thrifty Garden and Butterfly Estates. Everyone attending the lunch received their own butterfly habitat and milkweed plant containing caterpillar eggs.

The Friendly Faces guests took care of the habitats and watched the progression as the eggs transformed into beautiful Monarch butterflies which are now flying around Sanibel. 

This meant so much to those involved.  “The butterfly habitat was a brilliant choice for our activity at the Friendly Faces luncheon!  I only had one caterpillar hatch, but that one ate every leaf and a lot of the stalks. Now there is a green chrysalis…it has been so enjoyable watching all this unfold!   I so appreciate FISH and its care of the island’s seniors,” notes guest.