As we continue to navigate the current health pandemic, FISH has been blown away by the commitment and generosity of YOU, our neighbors. At each turn, our supporters have given selflessly to ensure that island families have the resources they need to not just survive but thrive in unprecedented times.

This year we are excited to be commemorating FISH’s 40th anniversary of service to the islands. While we looked forward to celebrating in person, after feedback from many of you and thoughtful consideration, we have determined it’s in the best interest of our community to cancel our 2022 go! FISH Celebration.

Though our celebration has been canceled, we have sponsorship opportunities available and would greatly appreciate your support in the spirit of the event. Your sponsorship, and any additional gifts, will go a long way to make sure that FISH continues to keep pace with the growing need for our services.


Liz & Jim Birmingham
Dixie & Robert Bowden
Pat & Frank Middendorf

Ellen & Dave Raisbeck
Alice & Fred Stanback
Kathy & Bob Wiesemann


Barb & Todd Bluedorn
Judith & Robert Burgstahler
Dulce & Jim Doss
Jo & Manny Fernandez
Timothy Horne
The Mihaly Family
Kay & John Morse
Mary & Jim Nelson
Sanctuary Golf Club Foundation
Sheridan & Dick Snell

Catherine & Ed Anderson
Dean Barry
Susan & John Freund
Linda & Gene Massey / Gene’s Books
Inky & Jack Meng
Jim Metzler & Sarah Ashton
Linda & Nick Linsmayer
Shirley & Harold Miller
Barry Moss
Nathalie & Dick Pyle
Joan & Don Sherman
Marilee & Michael Wood

Mary & Dick Butler
Amanda Cross
Sherry & Doug Gentry
Jo Guenzel
Laurie & Steve Hafener
McGrath-Spellman Family Foundation
Douglas McLemore
Teresa & Jake Miller
Sue & Steve Peltzman
Nancy & Chip Roach
Lucy & Paul Roth
Sanibel-Captiva Kiwanis Foundation
Patty & Jim Sprankle

Clair Beckmann
Margie & Mike Bennett
Pat & Mike Boris
Fay & Jack Chestnut
Carolyn & Ralph Clark
Debby & Rich Donahue
Karen & Ken Gill
Mariel & Porter Goss
Gulf Breeze Cottages
Kris & Bruce Gurall
Jean & John Halligan
Betsy & Taylor Hay
Barbara & Robin Lee
Rebekah & Bob Moyle
Emily & Dick Muench
Rev. Dr. Ellen Sloan & Marco Neven-Dumont
Ginny & Mark Reiss
Nancy & Don Rolley
Toni & Brett Shannon
Cathie & Bill Thiede
Linda & Tom Uhler
Betty & Bob VanTassel
Ann-Marie Wildman
Tina & John Wysocki
Zebis / IT Essentials

Marsha & Gary Bach
Cassie & Paul Gaenger
Tanya & Michael Hochschild
Margie & Tom Juedes
John MacLennan
Jeri & Dale Peterson
Alice & Ken Piech
Linda & Hank Spire
Deb & Lee Wilson